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Visualizations of the TOP500 List

Project Leads: Vinay Rajagopalan and David Reagan, Advanced Visualization Laboratory, UITS Research Technologies

IU SC14 Booth
Figure 1. This photo shows visitors to the Indiana University booth at Supercomputing 2014 interacting with the PufferSphere display in the booth.  

The Advanced Visualization Lab created both static and interactive visualizations of the TOP500 supercomputer list for IU's Science on a Sphere and PufferSphere displays.

The TOP500 visualizations were displayed in the Indiana University booth at the Supercomputing 2014 conference. The PufferSphere visualization was the first interactive application to utilize the new device. These visualizations demonstrate workflows and serve as examples of what is possible on IU's spherical displays.

The TOP500 dataset contained geographic information as well as supercomputer statistics. Three supercomputer statistics (number of supercomputers, number of cores, processing speed) were aggregated by country and then each country was ranked according to each statistic. The PufferSphere offered an ideal platform as it allows touch interaction. Multiple users can select individual countries to see those country's corresponding statistics. The statistics are visualized using a coxcomb glyph.

IU’s Advanced Visualization Lab is funded through the Office of the Vice President for Information Technology; is a unit of UITS Research Technologies; and is affiliated with the Pervasive Technology Institute. For questions about this project or to request a consultation, please contact

NSF GSS Codes:

Primary Field: Multidisciplinary Studies (980) - Science, Technology, and Society

Secondary Field: Computer Science (401) - Information Science/Studies