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Advanced Biomedical IT Core develops integrated survey and participation management for pioneering student awareness campaign.

Project Leads: Andrew Arenson, Advanced Biomedical IT Core, UITS Research Technologies

Photo by Susan Barnett
Figure 1. Photo by Susan Barnett

The Advanced Biomedical IT Core (ABITC) has developed and deployed an innovative approach that leverages the REDCap system to create an integrated online survey, data management, and real-time information retrieval tool as part of the College Toolbox Project (CTP) that supports the pioneering ‘U Bring Change 2 Mind’ student mental health awareness campaign at Indiana University.  

Andrew Arenson, principal developer at ABITC, used REDCap to implement a survey instrument for incoming freshmen at IU to collect data on perspectives on mental health.  He integrated the survey, via the REDCap application programming interface (API), with a separate, custom application for authenticating students as Freshmen and inviting them to consent to the survey.  The resulting data were further integrated with a custom card reader application which enables survey respondents to pick up ‘swag bags’ in compensation for completing a survey and records the attendance of the community at events related to the CTP.  The REDCap data management environment collected all data and will be used to track changing perspectives on mental health as these students complete their undergraduate education. 

The College Toolbox Project is the first effort of its kind to develop a systematic program aimed at reducing the stigma of mental illness.  Initiated by the powerful vision and support of Glenn Close and her national anti-stigma campaign, Bring Change 2 Mind (BC2M), the CTP is a joint endeavor with Indiana University. Additional sponsors and participants include The College of Arts and Sciences, the School of Informatics and Computing, and the School of Public Health, all of which will provide participating faculty researchers. Student leaders include, but are not limited to, the Indiana Memorial Union Board, Indiana University Student Association (IUSA) and Culture of Care.

The CTP is a 4-year intervention and assessment research project whose goal is to develop, pilot-test and evaluate the efficacy of anti-stigma program materials. This program will subsequently be packaged as The College Toolbox and distributed for use by BC2M, free of charge, to colleges and universities.  REDCap is a web-based survey, form and data capture tool developed by Vanderbilt University.

The Advanced Biomedical IT Core (ABITC) helps researchers in health care and related sciences to maximize data analysis, protect and store data, visualize information, and disseminate results nationally and internationally.

NSF GSS Codes:

Primary Field: Clinical Medicine (717) - Clinical Laboratory Medicine

Secondary Field: Computer Science (401) - Computer Systems Networking and Telecommunications