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IU Data Capacitor Supports Polar Science Research 
Data Capacitor Principal Investigator: Craig A. Stewart 
Funded by National Science Foundation grant number CNS-0521433 
CReSIS Principal Investigator: S. Prasad Gogineni (University of Kansas) 
Funded by National Science Foundation grant number ANT-0424589
Polar Research

As scientists report that global temperatures are rising and polar ice melting more rapidly, it has become increasingly more important for polar scientists to conduct research quickly and accurately. In 2008, researchers from the Center for the Remote Sensing of Ice Sheets (CReSIS) approached the Data Capacitor team at Indiana University (IU) to help them move and manage a very large data set containing valuable and irreplaceable data on Greenland’s polar ice sheets. CReSIS scientists needed a way to quickly and reliably move 20 Terabytes of data to be processed on IU’s Quarry supercomputer.

CReSIS scientists originally planned to copy their data to USB drives and deliver the drives via commercial carrier from their center at the University of Kansas to Indiana.

With assistance from the Data Capacitor team, the CReSIS scientists were able to mount the Lustre WAN filesystem at Indiana and directly copy the data to IU across the wide area network.

CReSIS scientist Thorbjorn Axelsson said, “We were able to copy the data to Indiana at a rate that was much faster than we could have copied the data to local USB drives.”

With a storage allocation on NSF’s TeraGrid, CReSIS scientists are now able to move their data from Kansas to IU quickly and easily for computational processing on IU’s supercomputers and storage on IU’s HPSS system, speeding up the time from data collection to scientific discovery

NSF GSS Codes:

Primary Field: Geosciences (302) - Hydology and Water Resources Science

Secondary Field: Computer Science (401) - Data Modeling/Warehousing