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May the Graphics be with you 

Project Lead: Chauncey Frend, Advanced Visualization Lab, Indiana University

Advanced Visualization Lab, Visualization and Analytics, UITS Research Technologies

This technology demonstration educates both children and adults on the potential utility that can be found in augmented reality (AR) technology.  “May the Graphics be with you” was first demonstrated to the public at the 2013 Celebrate Science Indiana event.  Over 100 visitors tested it out and dialoged with IU professionals about potential uses for AR.

This technology demonstration is designed for outreach events that host the public. At these events the “May the Graphics be with you” demonstration acts as a conversation starter focused on the benefits of combing augmented reality and mobile technologies. Young visitors are excited about career options that might utilize this technology. Adult visitors are educated on the benefits of AR as a tool in daily life.

“May the Graphics be with you” is an AR application created for a tablet device.  The application is designed to function as a menu and content-delivery system for the graphical augmentation of three separate video card circuits. The technical sophistication of the video cards represents a spectrum of use-cases including video production, video gaming, and professional scientific/engineering work. Virtual menus (on the tablet screen)  allow the visitor to choose which information is augmented.  For example, the “interfaces” menu option provides detailed information and animations which correspond to the interfaces on the physical card which include the Peripheral Component Interconnect Port (PCI Port), Digital Video Interface Port (DVI Port), and the 63 watt power supply connection.  This is explained to visitors as a way to overlay graphics as a technical manual over real-world objects making service or training more efficient.

NSF GSS Codes:

Primary Field: Communication (930) - Digital Communication and Media/Multimedia

Secondary Field: Communication (930) - Organizational Communications