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Indiana Academy Virtual Reality Engagement Experience

High school students engage with and learn from IU technologists as they design and build an original virtual experience. The students present their final projects during an open showcase at the Indianapolis facilities of IU’s Advanced Visualization Lab.

The students obtain access to state-of-the-art facilities and expert staff over the course of this three month project. This experience can be applied to a wide range of future endeavors related to, but not limited to, producing simulations, game design and programming, and creating virtual or augmented applications. Their project exercises both creative and technical problem solving skills.

This initiative is supported under the outreach and engagement mission of IU’s Advanced Visualization Lab (a part of Research Technologies and affiliated with the Pervasive Technology Institute). 2013 marked the seventh iteration of this collaboration. It has a direct impact on the futures of this small group of students, but also helps the IU staff refine the workflows necessary to create these virtual reality experiences. This has benefits and applications for the IU community of users as well as future group outside of IU.

NSF GSS Codes:

Primary Field: Communication (930) - Digital Communication and Media/Multimedia

Secondary Field: Computer Science (909) - Sociology