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Enhancing the Cyberinfrastructure Building through Interactive Information Displays

Dave Reagan, Advanced Visualization Lab, Indiana University


The newly constructed Cyberinfrastructure Building features a variety of interactive information displays.Staff and guests are welcomed to the building by 13 interactive information displays providing details on building facilities and maps as well as upcoming events and the latest campus news. Aspects of the building’s “green” design can be explored through a multi-touch exhibit. Five collaborative work spaces feature Steelcase media:scape furniture, extended by staff from the Advanced Visualization Lab to support both 2D and 3D interactive content. 

Interactive information displays provide a convenient means of communicating with staff and visitors. These flexible displays can act as traditional digital signage while also providing interactive features such as building directories, campus maps, weather alerts, and IU Mobile. The multi-touch exhibit showcasing the eco friendly design choices which resulted in the building’s LEED gold certification was first unveiled at a staff family night. Visitors of all ages enjoyed manipulating photos and videos intuitively using multi-touch gestures. Media-rich collaboration spaces allow multiple users to share a single 3D-capable display and seamlessly switch media sources with a simple button press.

These displays were developed and implemented by the Advanced Visualization Lab in collaboration with UITS Communication, Classroom Technology Services, HelpNET, and the Office of the Vice President for Information Technology. The interactive digital signage leverages software licensed by IU Emergency Management for use on digital signs throughout the Indiana University campuses.


NSF GSS Codes:

Primary Field: Communication (930) - Organizational Communications

Secondary Field: Communication (930) - Digital Communication and Media/Multimedia