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PTI Video Gallery

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PTI - Innovation through Collaboration

The Pervasive Technology Institute - Innovation through Collaboration 

Pervasive Technology Institute leaders and researchers discuss the mission of PTI in supporting all aspects of research education at Indiana University.

Big Red II at IU

Big Red II: Embracing the spirit of Indiana University

Big Red II helps researchers accelerate new breakthroughs in fields that are changing the way we live, work, learn, and grow. The Cray XE6/XK7 supercomputer is capable of one petaFLOPS, making it one of the fastest university-owned and operated supercomputers in the world.

Aspire @ IU

Aspire: The IT@IU Manifesto

IU leads higher education in the advancement of information technology. But for all of our accomplishments, we still aspire to do more. "Almost Everything" Words and Music by William Michael Grubbs. Used Under License from Imagem Music, Inc.

Historic Timeline

Big Red II Dedication - Timeline 

Selected events from the Historic Timeline of Indiana University IT Evolution for the Big Red II Dedication Ceremony 

Dr. Paul Messina

Dr. Paul Messina at the 2013 Peebles Lecture Series 

Scientific computing – will the lessons learned apply to the future?

Brilliant Minds @ IU

Brilliant Minds at IU Bloomington: Imag(in)ing Science

Brilliant Minds is a series of short videos showcasing the research and creativity of faculty at Indiana University Bloomington. This video features faculty members from across campus who collaborated to explore the common ground shared between the visual arts and science.